Do you Qualify for a Home Loan?

Before buying a home, you need to know if you qualify for a home loan.

BetterBond can assist you in determining what you can potentially qualify for. Visit our website ( and use our free affordability calculator, or contact us on 0800 007 111 and a consultant will assist you.

There are also a number of local institutions that can provide you with a free Credit Rating Health report, which will give you a good indication as to whether you will qualify for a home loan or bond.

If you have a poor credit rating but already own another property, all is not necessarily lost. You can always utilize the services of a debt counselor to help you settle your debts or do a debt consolidation process and restore your creditworthiness, thereby helping you obtain the mortgage finance you require.

Get a free credit check from the following institutions:


0861 10 56 65


0861 482 482

For more information on how debt counseling can help you get your credit record looking healthy again, visit Debt Counseling South Africa on or call 021 919 6694.


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About BetterLife Home Loans

Since 2003 BetterLife Home Loans has been SA’s No.1 Bond Originator, handling the entire home loan application process on your behalf – free of charge! Our aim is still to source the best interest rate for you by submitting your home loan application to all the major banks. There is no easier way to apply for a Bond or Home Loan in South Africa!

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