Agents: Turn DIY Sellers into Clients

In a slow market, it is quite common for homeowners to think they can make more on their properties by selling themselves and not paying agent’s commission, or to think that they can sell faster by dropping their asking price by the amount they would have paid an agent.

However, you can turn most of these potential DIY sellers into clients if you don’t slam the idea but just make the following six observations during your listing presentation to subtly show them how much work and worry you would be taking off their shoulders:

* I have access to information that will help you work out what your property is really worth in today’s market. This is vital because pricing too high will turn potential buyers right off before you even get a chance to show them your home, while pricing too low could cost you part of your equity.

* I can show potential buyers other homes as comparables. Most buyers will want to view other homes in the area as well as yours and if these are being shown by other agents, how will you know how your home is holding up in the comparison?

* It is my job to be focused on marketing your home – to advertise it widely in print and online, to prospect for buyers, to network with other agents about possible buyers, and to be available full-time to arrange viewings with potential buyers. The biggest difficulties for DIY sellers are trying to generate sufficient awareness of their property, and having to take time off from their own jobs and lives to deal with potential buyers.

* I can make sure that you only get offers from buyers who are actually financially qualified to buy your home. I can also put them in touch with an originator or directly with a bank to help them get their home loan. It is very difficult for homeowners to do this.

* I can take the heat. Lots of potential buyers will be deliberately critical about your home as a starting point for their price negotiations. This is likely to upset you and could result in you refusing to deal with a person who actually really does want to buy the property. I can see past all that and keep the talks going.

* I will handle all the paperwork. Property sale agreements are specialised and quite involved legal contracts but I will explain everything to both you and the buyer so you can conclude the transaction with confidence that you wont have problems later. I will also make sure all the necessary paperwork gets to the originator, banks and attorneys, and follow up regularly to see that the transaction goes ahead as fast as possible.


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