Top Tips For New Agents

By Meg Wilson

People new to the real estate industry obviously need training and technology, but even if they are fortunate enough to work for a company that provides the very best of both these things, they are going to need something else, and that is a “take charge” attitude towards their own future.

They need to take responsibility and plan for their own success, and with that in mind, here are the four top tips for new agents gathered from some of the top real estate trainers in the world:

* Get started right away on building your client base – business is not going to just come to you. Look beyond your circle of family and friends and their contacts and devote a certain amount of your time every day to business development through calls, emails, creating relationships with other property service providers such as bankers, attorneys, relocation specialists, developers and renovators. And if you don’t already know, learn to use social media because these can help you expand your sphere of influence exponentially.

* Real estate is a real job, so be there. Among other things, this means putting in a full day’s work every day, and showing up to appointments and meetings on time. Being late for a listing presentation can easily cost you a mandate and being unprepared when a prospective buyer calls can easily cost you a sale.

* Always tell the truth. Agents face many dilemmas – for example, what to tell buyers who can’t afford the type of home they want to view, or sellers who want to put a R1m price tag on a property that is only worth R900 000 – but it does not pay to hedge or shade the truth. In the latter instance, many agents would take the listing at R1m and deal with the price reduction problem later. The point is that they will have to face the consequences at some point, and they will probably have wasted a whole lot of time and advertising money in the meanwhile. Likely as not, they will lose the confidence and respect of the seller in any case as the overpriced property languishes on the market.

* Learn to let go and to laugh. The real estate business is fraught with tension when you consider you are dealing with people’s lives, emotions and hard-earned money, and they will often take out their anxieties and frustrations on their agent. So in addition to competence and empathy, a sense of humour will help you keep your balance. And when things don’t go as planned, don’t brood. Work to understand what went wrong and then move swiftly on to make the necessary changes so it doesn’t happen again.


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