Protect Your Home While You’re on Holiday


So you’ve booked your flights, your accommodation and your activities. Maybe you’ve even started packing your suitcase in anticipation of the December break- but no matter where you’re heading off to at the end of the year, remember: You might be on holiday, but criminals aren’t.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in the next few weeks to protect your home from theft:

  • Make your home look like someone is living in it, e.g. don’t close your curtains. In daytime this shows your house is empty. If you have an automatic timer that will turn your lights on at night, that’s great, otherwise consider paying a house-sitter you trust or a neighbour to check in and make your home look occupied while you’re away
  • Cancel all your mail subscriptions- or get your friendly sitter to pick up your mail. A pile of unopened envelopes on the stoep is a sure sign there’s no one home
  • Avoid discussing holiday plans where strangers may hear details of your absence from home
  • Try not to take a taxi to the airport. If you do, use a taxi company you can rely on, don’t discuss your holiday plans and make it sound like you have a house-sitter, whether you do or not
  • Cut the lawns and trim back any plants on your property that thieves could hide behind
  • Leave important documents and valuable items with other family members or a bank. Alternatively lock them in a safe
  • Avoid discussing holiday plans on social networking sites – if your posts are publicly visible, burglars can use any information you post on there to their advantage
  • Do not put your home address on your luggage when you are travelling to your holiday destination. A house number and postcode will suffice if you want to label your luggage
  • If you normally leave valuable bicycles or similar items in your shed, consider putting them in the house. Garden implements and tools can also be used by criminals- so consider locking up your shed while away
  • Make sure that you lock all outside doors and windows and set your burglar alarm if you have one
  • Ensure that you are completely covered by your insurance company for all forms of theft, fire and damage which could occur while you are away.

To ensure that you have the right home contents insurance policy at a premium you can afford, be sure to contact BetterSure on  0860 006 001


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