Speak to the neighbours before you buy


Often when looking for a home, people neglect to do a proper scout of the area, especially if the home is exactly what they are looking for. Finding out about your new neighbourhood is important as you do not want to end up disliking the area or the people who live there, or even worse, realising that it is not as safe or convenient as you had originally thought.

You can find out a lot about your new neighbourhood by doing a thorough research of the surrounding area; you can see if there are children playing in the streets, whether the neighbours are friendly, which schools are nearby as well as various other aspects that are important to you.

Meeting and chatting to the neighbours can give you even more information about the area you want to live in – information that the seller may not disclose to you. You may also discover that your neighbour is not your cup of tea, or that you do not get along very well.

Meeting the neighbour can also give you great insight into crime levels in the area from the perspective of a local, you can also discover how close you are to amenities, restaurants, see what noise levels are like, and if the home you are going to buy has any existing problems that you are not aware off.  You may even discover issues with the actual neighbourhood that have not been divulged by the seller such as its proximity to an industrial area or the airport.

Make a list of questions you want to know about where you will be living. Some questions you may want to ask are:

  1. 1.     What do you like best about living here?
  2. 2.     What do you like the least about living here?
  3. 3.     How long have you lived in the neighbourhood?
  4. 4.     Have you had any problems living here?
  5. 5.     Has the owner mentioned any problems with the house?

So if you are on the look-out for a new home, remember to keep these details in mind, especially if you find a home and fall in love with it. You do not want to be blindsided with the joy at finding the perfect home, only to discover that there is an airport around the corner and aeroplanes are flying over at all hours of the day.


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