Summer colours for your home DIY purposes!

Summer is usually a time for bright colours and vibrant hues, and whilst we do LOVE a splash of colour, more subtle tones can complement the vibrancy of the summer sun. We have compiled a number of colours that we think are sure to enhance your home and give your home some summer style.


Add this colour to liven up a drab white room if you are looking for a space that is calming, comforting but also a little exciting, all without having to throw bright red all over the show. Aqua goes very well with dark, rich colours such as the brown floors pictured below. Aqua is a happy fairly bold colour, so can be used to punctuate a room. For example, painting just one of your walls aqua can go a long way towards livening up a room.

Design Dazzle aqua

Image courtesy of Design Dazzle

Misty blues and soft greys

These colours can give a lovely calming feeling to any room, allowing the summer light to bounce off them, and always go well with white and other light colours. The blue and grey complement each other very well, especially when coupled with white.  Adding flowers like tulips and orchids around the room can go a long way towards completing this mild and modern colour scheme.

contemporary-design-pale-blue-living-room by apartments I like

Image courtesy of Apartments I like

Pale yellow

Colours like daffodil, iris and even certain orchids can be your inspiration. Paint walls, cabinets or chairs this wonderful colour, or even buy duvets and pillows of this shade, to make any room happy and light. Don’t overdo it though, as yellow can be quite a jarring colour. It is important to get the right shade for your home. If a yellow wall faces the sun, it can often reflect a lot of light, which can be very harsh on the eyes. Yellow cushions can also make a room playful and fun.


Image courtesy of Cottage Blue Designs

Faded brown

Brown, beige and ivory go well together to create a peaceful surrounding in a light, open lounge area, especially if the lush greens of your garden area provide a nice background, giving a nature-like feel to your home. If you do not have a lovely green garden in view, consider adding a few plants such as palm trees or even bonsais around the room, as these can provide a stunning contrast with the brown, making a room fell more ‘earthy’.


Image courtesy of Infoteli


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