Want success? Live completely in the moment

That’s the advice of brilliant Real Estate Champions coach and trainer Dirk Zeller, who suggests the following four ‘rules’ as the foundation of an outstanding real estate career:

  1. Be there. To start with, this means being where you should be physically, and on time. “Being on time for a listing/ mandate appointment can often make the difference between getting the listing and not getting the listing,” Zeller says.
    Quoted on Realty Times he notes that being there also means preparing properly for every meeting, and “treating your real estate career like a real job” – putting in the hours every day whether you are at the office, working at home, or on the road with prospective buyers.
  2. Focus mentally. This means concentrating only on what you are doing at the moment, and not allowing your mind to wander – to what shopping you need to do or the messages on your smartphone, for example. “The better you focus mentally the more results you will get for the time invested,” Zeller says.
    “If you need to listen to the client…focus on what the client is saying. If you are formulating your answer or response (or doing something else), you are not listening to the client. Focusing means really paying attention to the details – and it always comes before success.”
  3. Tell the truth. Agents often have to tell people things they don’t want to hear. That their home probably won’t sell for as much as they hope, for example, or that their offer to purchase was not successful, or that their transfer hasn’t been registered yet.
    And unpleasant as it may be, Zeller says, they should always, always tell the truth.
    “Many agents will take listings when the asking price is too high and deal with the need for a price reduction later. But it’s better to tell the truth even if you lose out on the listing and that makes you sad. You will know you didn’t compromise your honesty and you will not have to spend your valuable resources on trying to market and re-market overpriced listings.”
  4. Accept the outcome and move on. “Too often agents let the highs get too high and the lows get too low. Once you’ve done your best, you need to accept the results you get and move on. If you don’t like them, move on and make changes to try to get a different outcome next time. Do not continually worry about the lost deal or you won’t be able to focus on the one that is currently in front of you. Remember, the process of your daily disciplines and the improvement of your skills are what you can control.

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