Summer’s not the time to slow down

As the days grow longer and warmer, estate agents need to guard against taking things too easy.

Summer blog post

In fact, says successful entrepreneur and author Bill McBean, summer is actually a great time to amp up your business and perhaps even get a jump on those competitors who are coasting towards the end of the year and hoping that the weather will do most of their work for them over the next few months.

There is only a quarter of the year left now, which means you should be three-quarters of the way – or more – towards achieving the goals you set way back in January. But if that’s not the case, or perhaps you’d like to get ahead so that January is not the usual financial strain, here are some expert ideas for a “killer” fourth quarter:

  • Take a day to go back to basics. Check your results for the year and establish what has really worked for you (i.e. where most of your listings and sales have come from). Remember the most powerful way of leveraging your working time is to be very clear about what you do well, and do more of that. If you know where your best source of business is, you can increase your exposure to those people.
  • Write down the specifics of what you want to achieve in the next three months and what actions you think will be necessary to reach your goal. Add 25% to these actions to give yourself some insurance and draw up a weekly plan of action.
  • For example, your best way to get more business might be to call other business people that you have been sending customers to all year. Or it might be to do something special in the areas you have farmed and where your name is known. Or perhaps to put more work into increasing your online presence and use of technology to reach more people more quickly and less expensively.
  • Don’t carry passengers. Work steadily to eliminate all non-serious, energy-burning, time wasting clients from your database. Spend the time you used to waste on them on something positive and you’ll already be ahead for next year.
  • Schedule some time for proper relaxation and re-motivation. A burnout from working flat out without proper breaks would really wreck your success plan.
  • End each day by looking at what you did that was productive, and what you need to do tomorrow to be more even more effective.

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