Five tips to help new agents stay the course

Many new agents are coming into the industry once more, and while many have a good working knowledge of terminology, legal issues, and contracts after a few years, not many seem to have a real business plan that will carry them through when the going gets tough.

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New agents often get started with help from family and friends, and forget to think past those contacts. Or they think that the companies they work for will make them successful. What they really need to understand, the experts say, is that they have to be responsible for building up their own businesses and ultimately, for their own success, using a plan with the following five main ingredients:

  • A real plan of action for attracting and building a client base. Business won’t come to you – at least not in the beginning – so you need to devote a certain amount of your day to business development: client calls, cold calls, and creating relationships with other transaction service providers and contacts who may be able to give you referrals. 
  • A resolution to work with people who will work with you. Avoid people who slow you down, bring you down, or put you down. Spend more time with people who are making things happen and living life in a positive way. 
  • A proper plan for keeping in touch. You may remember all your clients, but they will probably forget you unless you regularly remind them who you are, and more importantly, what you do. Don’t lose business to other agents because your contact can’t remember your name, especially when technology makes it so easy to stay in touch. Remember everyone has a home, wants a home, or is in a position to refer others to agents who can show them homes or list their homes. When they make a decision to buy or sell, you want your name to come up. 
  • A commitment to keep learning. Take every opportunity you can to learn something new about real estate trends, property law, or different marketing methods. Everything you absorb will give you more confidence, help you provide a better service, and make you a more memorable agent. 
  • A love for what you do. Real estate is hard work, and you are also dealing with people’s lives, emotions, and their hard-earned money, which can make you the target of all sorts of negativity when things don’t go as planned. You need quantities of perseverance, perspicacity, and empathy just to get through every day, but it really will help you keep smiling if you find your work fulfilling.

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