How to choose an estate agent when selling your home

If you are trying to sell your property, it is important that you make use of the services of an informed, professional estate agent to get the best out of your deal and ensure a hassle free process.

Here are the some important tips to keep in mind when selecting your estate agent:

  1. Choose a few potential estate agents based on feedback from friends and relatives, colleagues, websites, etc. While making a short list, focus on the agents’ experience. Find out some information on their background, what deals they’ve closed and how they would deal with your property sale if it was not selling as hoped.
  2. Interview all the short-listed estate agents, and gather information about their experience and credentials. Someone who has taken the time to qualify with related qualifications and has membership of professional organisations/bodies may help you negotiate a better deal and provide a better service.
  3. Are you and the agent compatible? You’ll be doing a lot of communicating with your agent and this compatibility will make the process a lot easier in the future.
  4. Choose an agent you can trust. Look for enthusiasm, dedication, creativity and market savvy. All of these will translate into extra efforts and you’ll definitely stand to benefit from that.
  5. Know the team. Estate agents will have employees who will be equally representing yourself and the property sale. They should also be skilled and able to converse and communicate intelligently about all the details involved in your property transaction. Make sure whoever you are dealing with respects you and your time.
  6. Make sure your estate agent understands exactly what you want, and that he/she is capable of achieving that. That said, also make sure your expectations are realistic. An estate agent who offers a figure lower than you had envisaged may be giving an honest appraisal and not just telling you what you want to hear.
  7. Choose an estate agent who has outstanding negotiation skills, personality, and charisma. A good estate agent will first look to satisfy your target price, not that of the buyer.
  8. Consider estate agents who are able to offer multiple advertising opportunities (including advertising on the internet) and in-house arrangement of property inspections.
  9. Remember: Higher fees do not always represent better service.
  10. Examine the contract closely and fully understand what you are committing to.

Good luck finding the right estate agent for you!


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