Origination also has many benefits for estate agents


In less than 20 years, home buyers have become so used to sourcing their finance through mortgage originators like BetterBond Home Loans, that this business channel now accounts for more than 60% of the new home loans granted every year.

However, says BetterBond CEO Shaun Rademeyer, the benefits of mortgage origination don’t stop at convenience for buyers but extend in several ways to estate agents.

“As a start, an originator like BetterBond is able to arrange home loan pre-approvals for prospective buyers so that they (and the agent showing them properties) can concentrate only on those homes they know they can afford. This increases the likelihood of a sale, and it also creates a level of comfort for the agent’s client, the property seller, when accepting an offer to purchase.”

Secondly, he says, originators can and do help agents overcome the biggest obstacle in the way of most residential sales – that is, the need for the buyer to obtain a home loan – by speeding up the loan application process and providing buyers with personalised advice on the choice of loan.

“Third, mortgage origination can significantly improve agent productivity. It frees the agent of the need to assist buyers with loan applications and time spent administering these. He or she can get on with the business of selling more properties.

“And finally, the transaction tracking and management performed by originators like BetterBond, usually translates into faster property transfers and quicker payments to agencies of their sales commissions. This can significantly improve agency cash flows.”

However, Rademeyer notes, agencies need to be sure that the origination partners they choose can actually deliver all these benefits. “And what they should be looking out for is an originator that employs experienced consultants who not only have extensive loan product knowledge, but are willing to establish each buyer’s financial situation and motivate their individual applications.

“It is, of course, also important to work with an originator that has embraced the latest technology not only to make loan applications, but also to track and manage them, and to keep their clients’ information private and secure.”


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