Here’s what it takes to really stand out as an estate agent

A new Australian survey has revealed that estate agents need to hone just three skills if they want their clients to regard their service as outstanding and therefore refer them to all their friends. While it may surprise many, these skills are not especially high-tech or difficult to learn.

It’s not necessarily about years of experience or market conditions

CoreLogic, which conducted the survey among hundreds of people who sold their homes with the help of an agent, says they also do not require agents to have years of real estate experience or a particular set of market conditions. “Rather, the three key skills that make for really memorable service by an estate agent are ‘basic’ skills based on respect, empathy, sincerity and the willingness to champion the rights of your sellers and guide them through the whole process,” it explains. Happily, the survey showed that 66% of the home sellers that were surveyed regarded their experience of working with an agent as excellent or good, and that 68% would recommend their agent to family or friends.

A closer look at the three key skills

However, CoreLogic says, what was even more interesting was what they had to say about what was lacking from the skill set of the agents they did not like working with and would not recommend. “At the end of the day, three key skills were identified that spelt out the difference in every case. It was these skills that resulted in good agents being ranked as amazing and ordinary agents being ranked as poor.”

Those three skills were:

The willingness to follow up
The agents who received the very worst reviews were those who promised to call sellers and give them feedback after a show day, yet never did.

Good customer service
For example, sellers were also scathing about agents who “dumped” them the minute the sale agreement was signed, leaving them to follow up on all the ensuing paperwork and manage the transaction themselves.

Negotiation priorities
Sellers really did not appreciate agents who seemed to “switch sides” mid-sale, trying to convince them to accept lower offers instead of pushing buyers to make better offers.

Performance in these areas are key

On the other hand, sellers who rated their agents’ performance in these three areas as “excellent”, were those who had the highest satisfaction levels with the sale process and gave their agents glowing testimonials.

What is more, notes CoreLogic, the positive feelings those sellers expressed were consistent regardless of when they had sold. Just over half of those surveyed had sold within the past two years, with the rest having sold prior to that (with most of them not even having received a remarkable price for their property in the end).

“The bottom line is that agents who are truly serious about improving their performance can do so easily if they are genuine, do what they say they will do and demonstrate to their clients that they have their best interests at heart.”


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