Four Real Estate Success Tips: How to give your next deal the “Trump Touch”

Ok, so maybe nobody wants Donald Trump’s hair, and aside from the jury still being out on his political views, it’s safe to say that most of us are really interested in how he masterfully conducts innovative and cutting-edge deals. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying he’s a bona-fide real estate business genius. Here are four simple tips on how you can “Trump” your next real estate deal:

Be prepared

Preparation is key when it comes to creating the perfect real estate deal. It goes without saying that Trump uses various tools and tactics to prepare for a property transaction, and so can you as an estate agent. Part of the preparation process includes researching the area you’re promoting inside out. This includes knowing the status of businesses, schools, crime rates and grocery stores. Remember though, that in order to avoid your discussion coming across as a hard sales pitch, touch on the negative aspects of the area as well – even the most desirable areas will have some cons. Listing these negative aspects along with the pros will transform your delivery into an honest pitch, in turn, making it more appealing to the client. And for a straight-shooter like Trump, honesty really does seem to be the best policy.

DT 1

Assist your clients

Go a step further and prepare your clients for the process by informing them about tools such as a bond calculator. This will allow them to work out the amount that they’re able to afford so that when it comes to them purchasing a home, they know the size of the loan they’re likely to need. Always make yourself available to answer any questions potential buyers may have – there are bound to be many, particularly with first-time buyers. Whatever you can do to put them at ease will be a benefit and make things move forward more smoothly in the process.

Highlight exclusivity

Exclusivity is always desirable because people tend to want what others can’t have. When promoting an area, highlight any and all exclusivity it may offer. Find ways to demonstrate the high demand for the properties in the area, and at the same time, emphasise the fact that availability is simultaneously limited. This is sure to create a strong interest from people, especially those who prioritise exclusivity above most other things when looking for a property to invest in.

Take your time

Time is money. It’s been proven that the more time someone spends on a transaction, the less likely they are to walk away down the line. Even when the deal isn’t perfect, they wouldn’t want to feel they have wasted time, and by extension, money, so they make it work as much as they can. The longer you have the other party participate in the meeting, the more it’s likely that the outcome will be positive and a sale will be made. What’s important to remember here is that whilst nice guys finish last, what matters is that they still finish.

DT 2

When it comes to real estate, we can all take a feather out of Donald Trump’s cap. As with most things, there’s an art to ensuring success and there’s no arguing that Mr Trump has it down pat (unlike his toupee) when it comes to the business of real estate. So what have you got to lose? Why not consider channelling the legend himself the next time a new deal presents itself? Good luck.


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