The BetterLike Initiative

Press Release 16 NovDon’t you wish you had the power to “do something” whenever you see a homeless child, or an abused animal, or a park full of rubbish, or even when someone close to you is in need?

Well, now you do, thanks to the BetterLike Initiative recently launched by BetterLife Home Loans.

“People tend to think that they can’t really accomplish much as an individual,” says Shaun Rademeyer, CEO of BetterLife Home Loans, SA’s largest mortgage originator, “but with this initiative we aim to show just how much they can achieve if they are willing to share their dreams for change with others.”

“What we are doing, firstly, is providing the platform for them to do that via our entry website, where they can describe a project or an idea that they believe would make a big difference to an individual or the cause or charity organisation they support.”

This might be the establishment of a new food garden to feed and employ hungry people, he says, or a fund-raiser for a wild animal shelter. “You might have a dream to support an old age home, or give young people back their smiles. Or perhaps you would like to be an eco-warrior cleaning up the environment, or head up a team taking solar power solutions to a rural area.

“Whatever it is, we want you to tell us about it. Then every two months, we will choose three of these ‘dreams for change’ to go forward to the second stage of the competition and be posted on our Facebook page, where the finalists will need to inspire their families, friends, colleagues and the public to support their ideas and give them Likes. So, be sure to like our Facebook page to follow the action.

“The person who gets the most Likes will then get financial support up to R100 000 to bring their dream to life and implement the project that they have described – while we bring the camera crew to capture the whole thing on video.”

In short, Rademeyer says, the BetterLike campaign aims to encourage and empower those inspirational people who are always looking for ways to make life better for others.


About BetterLife Home Loans

Since 2003 BetterLife Home Loans has been SA’s No.1 Bond Originator, handling the entire home loan application process on your behalf – free of charge! Our aim is still to source the best interest rate for you by submitting your home loan application to all the major banks. There is no easier way to apply for a Bond or Home Loan in South Africa!

3 responses to “The BetterLike Initiative”

  1. Venecia says :

    Good day
    My name is Venecia Popham and feed the homeless once a month in Munseyville orher side of Krugersdorp for more than 6 years
    Please let me know where I can send the proposal as well as pictures

  2. nonyameko nyatela says :

    Hi I’m very excited about this initiative ,knowing that even if it doesn’t benefit my dream,it will others’m. I am member of a community group for the disabled.We have been and still trying to get a sponsor for our group.Seeing that the disabled are being looked as a ‘sometimes existing group’ in terms of service delivery.There are a lot of youths that stay at home due to being ineducable,wherears there is some skill for living they could do.But,at the end,they end up wanting to get married and start families,with what?when they are not working.Life is really hard for this group of people,because it’s not that they are mentally challenged,just that they are not academically inclined.Nonny Nyatela

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