Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus: The differences between male and female homebuyers

Mars 1

A big part of your role as an estate agent is knowing your clients and doing whatever you can to meet their needs as homebuyers. The more familiar you become with peoples’ behaviour and their attitudes towards purchasing property, the more helpful you’re ultimately going to be. When looking at female and male buyers, it comes as no surprise that each has their own way of approaching the homebuying process. At the end of the day, the more in tune you are with this as an agent, the more successful your interactions with clients are likely to be and in turn, the more deals you will end up closing. Here are a few common differences between female and male clients that are worth remembering, as they are sure to help you develop an educated approach to potential homebuyers of different genders.

Men speak ‘money’

When it comes to the financial research that goes into the costs involved in buying a home, it’s usually the men who spearhead this task. They are more often the ones in charge of negotiating, getting bond approval, coming up with a deposit and making an official offer. As an agent, it would be beneficial to you to ensure that the male client is made to feel included in and an active part of all conversations regarding these matters. More often than not, you’re safer having major discussions surrounding finances with the guys.

Women think about the long-term

In a lot of instances, it’s the female clients who are the ones in search of more long-term residences. In it for the long haul, female buyers often plan to make a house their home for more than five years. This is not to say your male clients don’t share the same view, but it’s all too often the nesting urges of women that seem to kick in when they’re house hunting, which would explain why they’re more inclined to buy a home that they can see themselves living in for quite a few years.

Mars 2

Men handle the business side

All that detailed paperwork, lawyers meetings and the general handling of business that comes with buying a home, are more often than not left to the men. They generally enjoy getting into the nitty-gritty, so whilst finding the perfect place and having a vision for it usually lies with the woman, it’s the numbers and forms that fall into the man’s domain.

Mars 3

Women are the planners

This is not to say that men can’t be organised, it’s just that when it comes to things like scheduling house viewings and appointments with the agent, it’s usually the women who take the wheel here. Essentially, women are, more often than not, the schedulers and planners. Instead of trying to arrange a meeting with your male client, opt to contact the woman rather –chances are that he’ll have to confirm with his better half first, before giving you a definite answer.

And women like to research the neighbourhood

Women are usually the ones who set out to familiarise themselves with the prospective areas they may eventually call home. They are the ones who learn about the pros and cons of a particular area to determine whether or not it’s the right place in which to settle down. It’s for this reason that as an agent, you need to be aware that your female clients will most likely be interested in hearing about statistics linked to things such as a community’s crime rate, its architectural style and its proximity to desired locations and amenities. In order to satisfy your clients, you’ll need to paint a clear picture of the neighbourhoods under consideration – it could make or break a sale.

Whilst men and women may differ in their approaches to buying a home, there are also certain things that inevitably are in agreement on; the overall condition of a home, the number of bedrooms a house has and whether or not the neighbourhood is safe. Very often, it’s the agent who ends up playing the mediator between the two so it’s important to give your professional and honest opinion at all times. Being aware of how your male and female clients differ should better equip you to interact with them in the most effective way, something that will hopefully benefit both you and them in the end.

*Please note: Whilst all the information mentioned here can be true in many cases, there will of course be instances in which the differences will not apply to every female or male you encounter. It’s best to gauge each situation on an individual basis.


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